Scope of Work

    Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement on Ships

  • Thickness gauging on hull as per the requirements of the major societies affiliated to IACS i.e IRS, NK, ABS, BV, DNV ,GL and LRS
  • Thickness gauging on request from ship owners
  • Special Surveys / Intermediate Surveys/ Annual Surveys
  • CAP/CAS / Rafting surveys carried out on board the vessels
  • URS 19 /URS 31 requirements for Bulk Carriers
  • Achievement: Approx. 3500 ships

Onboard Inspection

1. Double Hull Tanker
Ship survey is carried out with our engineer(s) being onboard during any voyage for docking from port to Drydock / Repair Yard.
For the vessel whose age is over 10 years, Close-up survey with using raft(s) is required by Classification Societies.
Ballast water is discharged during the voyage, not at anchorage, for preventing from pollution.
The vessels worked over 15 years, which CAP/ CAS survey shall be applied.

2. Bulk Carrier / General Cargo/ Containers
For most vessels whose age is over 10 years, onboard inspection URS requirements is applied to them in consideration of shortening the docking works and effective maintenance, on the route from a discharge port to dry-dock.

3. LNG Carrier / LPG Carrier
CAP authorized vessels are increasing since many ships have been worked too long. We have many experiences to engage in CAP survey.

4. CAP / CAS SURVEYS ( Condition Assessment Programe)

  • CAP 1: "Very Good "
    Items examined and measured found with only superficial reductions from "as new" or current rule scantlings. No maintenance or repair required.
  • CAP 2: "Good "
    Items examined and measured found to have deficiencies of a minor nature not requiring correction or repair and/or found to have all thicknesses significantly above class limits.
  • CAP 3 : "Satisfactory"
    Items examined and measured either found to have deficiencies, which do not require immediate corrective action, or found to have thicknesses, which although generally above class renewal levels, do exhibit substantial corrosion.
  • CAP 4 : "POOR"
    Items examined and measured either found to have a deficiency or deficiencies which may affect the ship's potential to remain in class, or found to have, in some areas, thicknesses which are at or below the class renewal levels.

Assessment Program(CAP) is a specialized survey program which offers owners a detailed assessment of a ship's actual condition, based on strength evaluation, and fatigue strength analysis as well as a detailed on site systematic inspection of the hull, machinery and cargo systems. With the CAP, owners can be confident that they have an accurate assessment of the ships actual condition, especially as far as the condition compares with the normal Class requirements.

The CAP applies, in principle, to oil tankers ,chemical carriers and bulk carriers, though other types of ships may be covered, provided that the CAP is properly modified.

5. Conversions / Steel Estimations
Onboard inspections for converted ships, converted Bulk Carrier from Tanker / VLCC to VLOC .
Our techinicians are well trained & experts in carrying out the following jobs.

  • Thickness gauging report (IACS formats / Class Software)
  • Visual inspection report for Internal structures / Conversions
  • Repair plan / Dry dock Planning for Steel Renewals
  • Pre Docking Survey / Steel Estimation for Owners
  • Job record of previous repair works (by request)

Steel Estimations

One of the most common services performed by us for owners is pre-docking inspections for the sole purpose of making accurate and dependable steel specifications of the vessel.

During these surveys the emphasis is primarily to ascertain all possible areas of concern in terms of thickness measurement and close up requirements for the vessel.

Our well experienced team carries out marine structural examination and Ultrasonic surveys for vessels at sea, in port or dry dock. We provide repair/ renewal specification to steel structure of the vessel and marking of the steel for renewal.